Beginners Guide To Dog Agility

A beginners guide to dog agility is the perfect place to start your training, whether you are just interested in agility as a hobby or intend to go on to competition. With a comprehensive guide, you can get all of the information you’ll need in one easy reference. This way you’ll be able to give your dog the best training possible and make sure both of you are going about the sport properly.

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Agility is about more than just letting your dog run through a bunch of different obstacles and a dog agility training guide can take you through the various steps. You’ll learn what the various pieces of equipment are, the competition standards for each and the right commands to use to get your dog to handle each piece. This can vary from piece to piece, so it’s important to learn each one individually before you ever try to link them together in a course.

Once you’ve mastered each piece, a beginners guide to dog agility can give you advice on how to link them together to introduce your dog to the idea of a course. Various techniques can be covered, including using a clicker or vocal commands, helping your dog to associate certain command words like “jump” or “tunnel” with a specific piece of equipment, and mastering the art of getting through obstacles cleanly.

If you do intend to move on to competition, there’s a whole other set of information you’ll need to learn, including the rules and regulations set down by the various governing organizations, such as the United States Dog Agility Association, the North American Dog Agility Council or the American Kennel Club. In a dog agility training guide, those standards can be covered, so that you’ll know exactly what to expect and can gear your dog’s training properly so that he’ll be ready to take on competition level courses.

Corgi going over agility jump.

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Corgi going over agility jump.

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A Beginners Guide To Dog Agility Will Give You An Overview Of The Sport Of Dog Agility

Not only can your beginners guide to dog agility cover the rules of competition, it can also teach you the purpose of the judges and what exactly they will be looking for as well as give you pointers on how to complete a course under pressure. You’ll be able to ensure that your dog is following all of the rules and is ready to handle competition height jumps, dog walks and A-frames as well as learn the all important skill of mastering the pause table.

Most importantly, your dog agility training guide may explain to you exactly what behaviors will result in faults so that you can help your dog to avoid these pitfalls. This way, not only will he be moving quickly, he’ll be doing so with greater ease and coming up with the best possible scores, which is what results in competition titles and wins.

Even if you and your dog never compete, a beginners guide to dog agility can help you to ensure that you are approaching training the right way and this is important in terms of keeping your dog safe. The more you understand about the equipment and how to handle it, the more you’ll be able to avoid injury, which will allow you and your dog to enjoy training without worries.

If you’re thinking of taking up agility training, then make sure you pick up a beginners guide. That way you and your dog will both be assured of starting out on the right foot and getting the most out of your agility training experience.


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