Dog Agility Video Provides Many Ways To Learn

A dog agility video can be an extremely useful tool for you as a handler. Being successful at agility is about more than just letting your dog run through a big obstacle course. It involves completing the various obstacles in a variety of sequences both quickly and cleanly.

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In order to accomplish this, both dog and handler need to be on the same wavelength. The dog will follow your commands, but you need to understand how to go about giving those commands properly.

Instructional Videos

Fortunately, in today’s technological age, there are many instructional videos available that can take you through everything from the basics of issuing commands, whether vocally, through hand signals or with a clicker, to the specifics of what each particular obstacle entails. They can also show you how to link those obstacles together to get your dog through an entire course successfully.

Because it is usually easier to learn when you watch someone else, using a dog agility video to see exactly what each step entails is a great way to get your head around your end of the agility training process. This will be especially important as, at the competition level, handlers are usually required to remain at a distance and get their dogs to do what’s necessary on the course through commands only. If you can’t master this kind of communication, your dog’s physical ability with the obstacles won’t matter.

Person making dog agility video of their dog.

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Making your own dog agility video is a great way to evaluate your progress and catch the little errors that go by too quickly in real time.
Person making dog agility video of their dog.

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Making your own dog agility video is a great way to evaluate your progress and catch the little errors that go by too quickly in real time.

A quick search online can find you a number of videos that use everything from graphics and diagrams to live action examples in order to get you used to the idea of what’s involved in agility training. You’ll learn about positive reinforcement and how the use of treats and praise can help teach dogs to master the various obstacles. You’ll also find out how you can help your dog to conquer obstacles that may present a challenge.

Learn By Watching The Experts

But it doesn’t end with instructional videos. Another very useful form of dog agility video is a playback of an actual competition. Many competitions are recorded and posted online at YouTube and other sites and these videos can help you to see how the experts do it. For example, check out the Agility Championship Final at Crufts 2016 below. Not only can you learn how it is supposed to be done, but this can also give you the motivation you need to put in extra work with your dog so that you and he can reach that level.

Make Your Own Dog Agility Video

Still another constructive use of video in agility is filming your own training or competitions and watching them back. Athletes in many sports, from high school to the pros, find this to be a particularly helpful method as it shows you exactly how you are doing and can help you to pinpoint areas you may need to work on. You can’t hope to improve unless you know exactly where the issues are. Only then can you address them appropriately.

Using a dog agility video is one of the major benefits of having technology at our fingertips, so there is no reason not to take advantage of it. Even if you are only engaging in agility training as a hobby, you still want to be sure that you and your dog are doing it properly, both to ensure the safety of your dog and to maximize the enjoyment both of you get out of it. Videos can help you to do just that so that you can sharpen your skills and have fun at the same time.

Agility is a fun and enjoyable way for you and your dog to create a deeper bond while getting some good exercise and you can enhance your agility experience with video tips and guides. So if you’re considering taking up agility training, make sure you get all the help you need with agility videos… some of the best learning tools you can have.


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